TeXlive is a go (plus, a better README)

Last night I pushed the changes I made to the LaTeX.sublime-build to GitHub. You may say that TeXlive is now “officially supported” on Windows, in addition to MikTeX. As I noted earlier, I fully expected Sublime Text 2 to eventually fix its handling of non-normalized file paths and different drive letter cases. As usual, Jon has come through: as of version 2120, everything works just fine!

Also, I finally got around to beefing up the README file for the plugin. It’s in Markdown format, so it’s human-readable, but you can see it in all its HTML-formatted glory if you just go to the LaTeXTools page at Github and scroll down. I hope this will encourage more people to give Sublime Text 2 and LaTeXTools a whirl.

One final note on the choice of TeXlive vs. MikTeX. As I see it, the trade-off is this: MikTeX’s management tools, and its DVI previewer Yap, are Windows-native, whereas TeXlive’s management tools feel like ports of Unix tools, which they are (even the GUI ones). On the other hand, TeXlive has full support for spaces in file names and paths, which MikTeX currently lacks. As a further advantage, TeXlive has a working version of latexmk, which means that it is very easy to change the tex engine from pdflatex to, say, xelatex: just change the appropriate line in LaTeX.sublime-build. Finally, TeXlive on Windows is essentially the same as, and package-wise in sync with, MacTeX on OSX, which may be convenient if you’re a platform hopper like me.


9 responses to “TeXlive is a go (plus, a better README)

  1. excellent work !!!!!!
    thanks very much !!! didn’t know about the ctrl+R functionality specific to LaTeX! very very useful !

  2. Every time I have a paper or proposal due, I get a brand new and always better version of LatexTools. Thank you so much for your work… and timing. 🙂

  3. do you have any idea, though, why I have to doubleclick twice on the sumatra text to get to the right spot on the tex source? on the first doubleclick it always takes me to the end of the file. Sometimes I need to do three dblclicks!

  4. Sotiris, I can’t duplicate that. Can you make sure that you are running the latest versions of the plugin, of ST2, and SumatraPDF?

  5. Works fine for me. I’ll try it out to see if I give up Aquamacs.

    I’m new to ST2 so I had two issues: 1. how to make the bottom panel from the compilation go away; 2. not sure what the dictionary it is using, but it highlighted some, but not all, of my latex math as spelling errors. I have Aspell with latex support so if I could use that it should work fine. But I couldn’t find a way to select the dictionary.

    • 1. Just hit ESC

      2. I don’t know either. I run ST2 without spell-checking, but I just tried enabling it. It is not perfect; for instance, I noticed that some of the \usepackage arguments get highlighted as spelling errors, as well as some “exotic” \cite… commands. So, I’m guessing that whatever spell-checking engine is used in ST2, it is not quite as LaTeX-aware as Aspell.

      • Cool. Thanks!

        Aquamacs/Auctex has a bunch of features, but after the excitement of playing around with each one of them wanes I realize that my usual M.O. is much more basic. So I’ll give this is a spin.

  6. Yeap, just installed sumatra 1.8 over 1.7, the plugin I updated yesterday and ST2 I have the latest dev build.. Do you think it could have something to do with my build settings? although from what I see, they have been overwritten by your latest build, and I also killed the perl and pdflatex processes that were already running.. (I m compiling through latexmk with pvc normally!)

    • Odd… I just double-checked, and all works fine here with ST2 dev 2121 and Sumatra 1.8 (using TeXlive as the tex distro, but that either shouldn’t matter, or is a miktex breakage that I have no control over). Sorry…

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