LaTeXTools: updated SumatraPDF setup information

Just a quick heads-up: I just added detailed instructions in the README file on how to set up inverse search with SumatraPDF on Windows.

If you were using SumatraPDF with another text editor that supported inverse search, you probably didn’t have any trouble reconfiguring inverse search to work with Sublime Text. However, it turns out that a fresh install of SumatraPDF does not show a GUI for the inverse-search command, until you actually open a PDF file that has actual synchronization information in an accompanying .synctex.gz file.

The revised README file shows how to proceed. Basically, if you already have a PDF file with an attendant .synctex.gz file, open the PDF in SumatraPDF, and you’ll see the GUI when you select Settings|Options. Otherwise, you can either compile any latex document with pdflatex and sync information (i.e. compile with pdflatex -synctex=1 ), or else configure SumatraPDF from the command line. See the README file for details. As usual, you can read that file at Github (you may need to scroll down a bit).

I’m sorry things are not more straightforward. Good luck!


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