Google bookmark bar menus – again

The latest (15.0.849.1) dev channel version of Chrome presents bookmark bar menus differently from prior versions: specifically, the menu now looks like a “standard” Mac pop-up (or menubar) menu. Previous versions used a smaller font, which is convenient if, like me, you have lots of items in your menus.

Chrome menu problem

A Chrome bookmark bar menu (15.0.849.1 dev)

As you can see, the last three entries after the separator have ampersands (&) that are supposed to define accelerators (i.e. keyboard shortcuts). They obviously shouldn’t be shown in the menu at all–the Mac UI convention is to indicate keyboard shortcuts explicitly, right-justified (i.e. after “Open All Bookmarks”, you would see “Clover-O”, where “Clover” is the funny symbol etched on the Command key). So, it may be the case that this visual change is actually a bug, not a feature.

I really hope that this is the case, because version 15.0.849.1 dev also eliminates one of my favorite Chrome features–the fact that, if you click open one bookmark bar menu, then move the mouse to another one, the corresponding menu opens up automatically. This is the default behavior on Windows, and it used to work the same way on the Mac. Alas, no more: now, you get the exact same behavior as in Safari; you click on one bookmark bar menu, the corresponding menu pops up, then you move your mouse to another menu and nothing happens–the first menu remains open. Actually, you have to click twice on another bookmark bar menu for the actual pop-up to appear.

I hope this behavior will be reverted. I don’t particularly like the visual style in version 15.0.849.1 dev, but I could live with it; however, I would really miss the ability to “hover” from one bookmark bar menu to another. Ye Chrome deities, are you listening? 😉


4 responses to “Google bookmark bar menus – again

  1. I totally agree! This new behavior is annoying, I hope there will at least be a pref to turn it back on. One of the reasons that I prefer Chrome over Safari is its menu behavior.

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  3. I remember being this way a long time ago, then they switched the the custom (and buggy-ish) menus and now back to the standard ones. Sure, they look better, but I hate not being able to right click them or move them around.

  4. thank you google

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