LaTeX plugin: the new build engine is in!

I have decided to merge my ongoing work on a LaTeX-specific build engine. See my previous post for details on the new goodness. If you now pull the master branch from github, you’ll get the new engine. The relevant file is, but I had to change as well.

A few notes. First, the quality of the code is, er, less than ideal. It works on all the (many!) test cases I have thrown at it, but it’s not pretty to look at. I’ll fix this in time. However, in the meantime, I’d like to get more people to try it out.

Second, the new build engine is bound to ctrl+alt+t (which is control+option+t on the Mac). The old, ST2-based build system is still available and bound to F5 on Windows and Command-B on the Mac (these are the ST2-standard bindings). Eventually, I plan to phase out the old build system, but not yet…

Third, due to the logic of log file parsing, you cannot use file names with parentheses. However, I am happy to report that spaces in file names (and directory names, too) are OK.

Fourth, there is still limited support for multi-file documents. Specifically, the log-file parsing logic is smart enough to pick up errors in different files and place the appropriate lines in the exec panel. However, compilation must be invoked from the master file (i.e. you must switch to the tab containing the master file before invoking compilation). The same is true of the old build system, by the way. Setting master files so you can compile from any file in the project is high on my agenda (together with certain other build and display customizations).

If you see any breakage, please let me know! In particular, if you see the line saying ‘Compiling ‘ in the exec panel, but nothing else happens after a while, hit ctrl+` to bring up the output panel; if you see any Python error messages, that’s breakage! Reports are greatly appreciated.


3 responses to “LaTeX plugin: the new build engine is in!

  1. Marciano

    Wow, thanks for the great work! It does look wonderful!

    However, I have a small “beginner-issue”. After installing the package into the bundles folder of Sublime Text 2 on my mac (with snow leopard), if I try compiling using the standard cmd B, I get an error message that says “No such file or directory”. I take it to mean that the python script cannot find latexmk, and that I should add it to my path. At the same time, however, latexmk is installed, and it should be on my path (if I do echo $PATH I receive, amongst many others, /usr/texbin”, which contains a hard link to latexmk (all part of the TexLive distribution, i think). Moreover, TextMate is able to compile when I give it the latexmk option…

    any thoughts? I am sure it’s stupid issue..

    Thanks again, Sublime Text is wonderful, and the latex package you did really sounds fantastic!


  2. Marciano

    Thanks, it now works like a charm! (Sorry, I should have looked at previous comments..)


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