A quick note on Sublime Text

Two, really. First, I realized that links to specific pages on the sublimetextwiki.com site no longer work. So, the correct URL for the Sublime Text LaTeX plugin is now this.

The aforelinked (pardon the Gruberism) Web page is automatically generated from the README.txt help file that every Sublime Text plugin must include. Again by convention, the latter file is marked up using, ahem, Markdown; a "style sheet" is then used to convert it to HTML code that can be rendered by Web browsers. Well, it appears that a different style sheet is now being employed. I am not too crazy about the choice of grey text on black background; but, more importantly, text in backquotes, e.g.

the word `this` is in backquotes

is now rendered on a line by itself, like this:

the word
is in backquotes

Previously, it was rendered "in-line", as if using the code tag in HTML. I will have to fix up the help file so it does not look too bad; please bear with me…

…which brings me to the second note. I am seriously thinking about experimenting with the current alpha release of Sublime Text X, the next-generation version. Its main advantage is that it is cross-platform! Yay! This means that I will be able to work on the LaTeX plugin on my Mac, under OS X, without either rebooting or running Parallels.

If I do take the plunge, the first order of business will be to refactor the existing code so that all Windows-specific code (in particular, invoking texify and the Sumatra PDF previewer) is neatly isolated, and can be replaced by the corresponding Mac-specific calls and scripts. This would actually be an improvement over the current structure even beyond cross-platform portability; for instance, it would make it easy(ier) for me to add support for different PDF previewers, and perhaps even TeX distributions.

No promises as to the time frame though… if anyone wishes to help out, let me know!


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