Trying out ScribeFire

Safari 5 is out and supports extensions a la Chrome. The good folks responsible for the Scribefire Firefox/Chrome extension have ported it to Safari as well. Thus, it was time for me to try it out.

The WYSIWYG HTML editor is neat, and loads/operates a lot faster than the one available at It feels comfortable enough. I’m not sure about code though. Right now the best I could do is to paste code into the WYSIWYG editor; indentation is preserved, although I don’t like the spacing. Also, I can’t seem to be able to change the font, and I cannot make use of WordPress’s great “sourcecode” metatag.

Update: I tried out the Firefox version of the ScribeFire plugin. It’s a lot richer. In particular, I can change fonts easily, so as to get a decent-looking program listing, like this:

class PanelTestCommand(sublimeplugin.WindowCommand):

  def run(self, window, args):

     args = [“wait 5 seconds…”]

     window.showQuickPanel(“panel”,””, args)

     import time



     window.showQuickPanel(“panel”, “”, args)

So, I think that, for now, I’ll stick to TextMate, but I’ll keep an eye on ScribeFire, too.


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