Long time no blog!

Well, it’s been a really long time since I last blogged! All work and no play, etc.

In the meantime, a new beta of Sublime Text came out; the most notable change is that the included Python interpreter was bumped up to ver. 2.6. I quickly checked the LaTeX package, and things still seem to work fine. I’ll get back to it when things are a bit less hectic at work. In the meantime, I am really curious to hear from users, ideally via the Sublime text forum.

Next up: it appears that Android phones have overtaken the iPhone in terms of unit sales. The Mac blogosphere is understandably a bit defensive. Right now, the iPhone is clearly dominant in terms of developer mindshare, but that may well change. Also, Android has some really serious memory limitations which, in particular, pretty much ensure that Android games are pretty lame compared with their iPhone counterparts. This is a big deal for me, as I’d like to get a phone that my kids can play with on long flights. And, in general, Android apps lack the polish of iPhone apps.

But, in time, these issues will likely be resolved; what then? Will two (or more) mobile platforms coexist, or will it be like PCs vs. Macs all over again? Is there something intrinsically different about smartphones that will prevent this scenario from happening?


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