Sublime Text LaTeX plugin: Beamer Slides

I have updated my LaTeX plugin for the Sublime Text editor with features that make life a bit easier when working on Beamer presentations.

Briefly, I added three tab-activated snippets:

  • frame starts a frame environment, and provides the user with the appropriate options and title fields (navigate via the tab key)
  • box starts a beamerboxesrounded environment
  • color is used in conjunction with the xcolor package.
  • You can check the documentation (here) for more information.

    The more exciting (for me) addition is a refactoring of the texSections command, bound to ctrl+alt+s, which can now recognize the frame environment. This way, you can skip to any frame you want by simply clicking on its title in the quick panel that comes up when you hit the above key combination. The code is also a bit more robust and, more generally, “cleaner.”

    As in the past, I have been “dogfooding” the plugin (is “dogfooding” transitive?) to make sure that it does what it’s supposed to. And, again, my inspiration comes from the great TextMate editor for OS X. Let me know what you think!


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