Google Chrome and Glimmer Blocker

So the new beta release of Google Chrome for the Mac is out, albeit trailing the corresponding Windows (stable) release by more than two weeks. It supports extensions and other goodies. Of course, I just had to try it out… It’s pretty fast, slick, and stable, although perhaps not that much better than Safari on the Mac. Maybe things will change now that extensions are available.

Anyway, I just realized that GlimmerBlocker, the great Mac OS X ad blocker that (I assume) was mostly intended for use with Safari, works just fine with Chrome.

I’m thrilled to see obnoxious ads gone. On Windows, I’ve set Chrome as my default browser, but I have to suffer through all the usual banners, etc.. I guess I am no longer used to seeing ads while surfing — GlimmerBlocker kills them in Safari on the Mac, and of course the outstanding Adblock Plus is the first extension I install in Firefox, on any platform. Running Chrome on Windows is a step back in this respect. Yes, I know that this Chrome extension that blocks ads, but (1) extensions weren’t available in a stable release until very recently, and (2) in any case, that particular extension only prevents ads from showing up, not from actually loading. According to the developers, that would require functionality in Chrome that will be provided in a future version, but is not yet available.

Anyway, on the Mac, GlimmerBlocker does the job. No more ads in Chrome! By the way, I just learned that GlimmerBlocker also works with Firefox; it only needs some configuration, because Firefox does not, by default, use the system-wide proxy settings for Mac OS X.


One response to “Google Chrome and Glimmer Blocker

  1. Google Chrome the best browser
    Thank you

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