Genius Bar

Since I was a bit harsh on Apple in my previous post, I thought I should partially redress the balance. Or, in any case, give credit where credit is due.

So, my Macbook Pro power adaptor had been acting up lately; the light that is supposed to indicate whether the battery is charging went dim a few weeks ago—you could see a faint dim glow if you looked at it really closely, and in the dark. That’s not supposed to happen!

Anyway, as far as I could tell, the charger was still doing its job, so I thought nothing of it. Unfortunately, earlier this week the power adapter stopped working. So, I went to the local Apple Store, not knowing whether the battery or the charger (or, worse, the logic board) was at fault. I also expected to fork out quite a bit of $$$ to have one or the other replaced, as my MBP is way out of warranty.

And yet… Justin, the “genius” who took care of me, was extremely competent and courteous. He quickly figured out that it was the charger’s fault, but also pointed out that the battery wasn’t in top shape (true, too, although it was still giving me 4 1/2 solid hours of productivity). So… he replaced both at no charge. Apparently, my problem with the charger is not uncommon, so Apple is doing the right thing: they forego a comparatively small amount of money to keep their customers happy.

Color me impressed!


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